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Evy Liz is a folk/pop artist from Cleveland, OH. She performs original music with acoustic soundscapes and complimentary covers. Peaks & Valleys, her ten-track folk-pop LP, tells the story of self love, triumph, and pursuing through life's ups and downs.


After overcoming immense medical and personal struggles, the inspiring Evy Liz is ready to share her journey with the world. On her debut album Peaks & Valleys, the young singer/songwriter tells a tale of independence, determination, love, and finding joy in life no matter what happens. Recorded remotely in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, her debut album was produced by Grammy-winning artist Dan Konopka of OK Go.


“I’ve been writing songs for years as a way to make sense of things. It’s pretty extraordinary watching all of my ideas come to life, and even more incredible to see how others relate to the lyrics”

- Evy Liz, 2021


Evy Liz is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, OH. Evy is an experienced acoustic artist and has performed in several bands over the years. She’s played at over 300 festivals, coffee shops, and small venues since the start of her musical career in 2014. 


While hiking the Appalachian Trail, she felt inspired to take the songs she had been writing and playing for years and release them as an album. After self-recording the first version of her lead-off single “Fell From Under”, she was discovered by Dan Konopka and they embarked upon the journey of producing a full length album together.


Each of Evy's songs feature acoustic soundscapes that elevate her folk-pop style, and bring her vision to life on her ten-track folk-pop LP. Introducing listeners to her sound is the opening track and lead-off single “Fell From Under.” Recorded in such a way that makes the listener feel as if they’re in a serene meadow complete with chirping birds, the gentle guitar leads way to a resounding medley of emotion flaunting her impressive vocal chops and expressive songwriting.

Speeding things up on Peaks & Valleys’ second single is one of her personal favorites, “Not Today.” The fusion of infectious vocals that one can’t help but sing along to and upbeat instrumentation creates an addicting jam perfect for a Sunday morning hike.

From the self-love anthems “Hey Pretty Girl” and “Figured You Out” to the tale of love and love lost on “Back Together Again” all the way to the deeply personal story of fighting for her health on “All The Things,” Evy Liz’s debut is a moving collection of tunes celebrating the immense beauty we find beneath life’s harsh realities. After listening to just one of her songs it becomes quite clear; Evy Liz is on-track to becoming a household name in the world of folk-pop.

Evy Liz is available for quotes, features, or interviews. 


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